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Thank you for paying a visit to my website. I hope that you enjoy a journey though these images, any commentary is always appreciated

All of my life I have been drawn to the beauty, detail and the subtleties to be found in Nature. I was fortunate to spend my early years in a sparsely populated part of rural Wales, which had an abundance of rolling woodlands and meadows where I spent many hours exploring.

I am continually drawn to the beauty and form of flowers as they exist in such profusion. I am drawn to the intricacies of each plant and its flowers, as well as the details that reveal themselves the closer I look..

My current work is largely focused on close-up photography of flowers, but I am also challenged by landscape photography, as well as black and white and night time photography.

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click reference I abandon my desk employment to make this happen as an alternative. My life-goal is always to happen place independent, whether or not I end up spending most of the season inside The capital. It is a matter of belief: I want to really feel free to better of a trip when I wish. Speaking of which often, I’m witout a doubt dreaming roughly three massive visits in order to undertake with 2016, that are Cape Town (SA), Bristol (GREAT BRITAIN) along with Extra Orleans (US). In case you have happened right now there, let me know your current consciousness!
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