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All of my life I have been drawn to the beauty, detail and the subtleties to be found in Nature. I was fortunate to spend my early years in a sparsely populated part of rural Wales, which had an abundance of rolling woodlands and meadows where I spent many hours exploring.

I am continually drawn to the beauty and form of flowers as they exist in such profusion. I am drawn to the intricacies of each plant and its flowers, as well as the details that reveal themselves the closer I look.

I purchased my first film camera in the mid 1950’s, experimented with color processing in the 1980’s, but only began to think seriously about photography when digital capture became a viable option.
My interest accelerated with a three-week workshop in Florence, Italy in 2009.

I currently shoot with a Canon 30D and a variety of lenses.
My goal is to frame and capture the scene that I see through the camera and use Photoshop CS5 to make as few adjustments as possible to render the scene as it actually appeared to my eye.